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How to recognize your best Facebook group members by giving them Group Expert status

award medalDo you have key members of your Facebook group who consistently give good advice or lend their expertise to other members?

Have you always wanted to recognize them?

Good news! Now you can! 

Typically you’d want to give a person group expert status because they’re active in the group and known for their expertise in something – even if that expertise is simply just in the group. They might be very knowledgeable about the group’s subject matter or they may just be helpful and knowledgeable people in general!

Once you add expertise to a member’s profile – and they accept it – their expertise will be listed whenever they post or comment in the group, like this:

example of expertise badge next to a person's name in Facebook group

How to make a group member an expert:

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  1. Go to your Facebook group.
  2. Select the Members Tab
  3. Scroll to Group Members area or search for the member you’re giving the tag to:

    group experts - find member

  4. Click the three dots next to the person’s name and select “Add Group Expert”:
    group experts - add group expert
  5. Confirm by clicking “Add expert”:
    group experts - confirm add expert
  6. Wait for the person to accept their group expert status!

If you are having trouble adding someone as an expert…

You cannot make someone an expert if they’ve had any major Facebook violations in the past 90 days.

You’ll need to wait for them to be done with their Facebook group scolding before you can make them a group expert.

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